We invest in companies creating solutions to outdated animal products.


Game-changers, entrepreneurs, innovators, superheroes and leaders.

We invest in smart people.


For our planet and its inhabitants today, tomorrow and long after we're gone.

We invest in sustainable companies.


Because our parents raised us to treat others as we would like to be treated.

We invest in humane solutions.

Invested in their success.


Est. 2016


Baleine & Bjorn Capital (B&BC) is an investment company co-founded by Liz Dee and Nick Garin in 2016. B&BC is committed to investing in companies creating superior plant-based and cultured products.



Liz Dee

Liz Dee has worked in the food industry for over a decade. She is a Co-Owner and Co-President of Smarties Candy Company. A seasoned business woman with a masters in media, culture and communication, Liz manufactures and markets products globally.

Nick Garin

Nick Garin worked in the healthcare field for over a decade. With a masters in social work and nonprofit management, Nick knows how to work with diverse groups of people and troubleshoot difficult situations. A self-taught "data guy," Nick understands the nuances involved with managing data and information systems.